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The Jury consists of nine (9) regular jurors and three (3) alternates.

Jury procedures

The members of the Jury will act in their personal capacity and not as representatives of the bodies and/or organizations in which they may participate, work and/or are members. 

During the Prequalification the Jury will review the Applications submitted and will evaluate the List of Works, the composition of the Design Team, and the design and architectural quality of the three (3) reference projects and the Applicants’ creativity and innovation capacity manifested therein, and, thus, select the Applicants that best qualify to proceed to the Design Competition.

In the Design Competition it shall review and evaluate the Designs submitted by the Competitors in accordance to the Evaluation Criteria, allocate the announced Prizes, formulate individual critiques for all projects, draft the final report justifying its choices and including citations, general conclusions and recommendations it may have for the further development of the project to the attention of the Organizer. 


Jury decisions

The Jury decisions are final and sovereign both in the Prequalification and the Design Competition; decisions of the Jury are binding for both the Organizer and the Applicants/ Competitors.