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Fani Vavili
Alternate Jury Member

Professor Emerita Fani Vavili Tsinika, architect AUTh, Master of Arts Metropolitan London, PhD AUTh, is teaching at the School of Architecture Aristotle University Thessaloniki (AUTh) Greece Architectural Design Theory & Studio and practicing architectural design. 
Her architectural work includes several award winning design projects. 
She has published many articles (over 300), research results etc. Among them are the following books: Hospital Design at the beginning of the 21st Century (ed.), Designing for the Elderly, Designing for Mental Health, Aspects of Healing Environments (ed.), Arts in Health Care Buildings (ed.), Teaching Architecture in Extreme Conditions, Transparency & architecture, Pubic Libraries, Energy Efficient building design, Disasters Otherwhere, etc
She is chairwoman of UIA Greek Section, member of UIA-PHG and UIA EDUCOM and UIA UNESCO validation Council, co-founder of GUPHA, member of several bodies (in academia, health, Culture, etc.), as well as jury member for Greek & international architectural competitions. She was also vice-president of HELEXPO co.