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Simon Hartmann
Alternate Jury Member, UIA Representative

Simon Hartmann

1974 born in Bern, Switzerland

1994–2000 studies at ETH Lausanne, TU Berlin and ETH Zurich

2000–2003 collaboration with Rolf Furrer Architekten

2002–2007 Teaching Assistant ETH Studio Basel

2003 founding of HHF Architects

2009–2017 Professor at HEIA Fribourg

Since 2010 BSA member

2011 Visiting Professor at the University of Innsbruck

2014 Visiting Professor at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT

2018 Visiting Professor at Yale School of Architecture

Since 2018 Visiting Professor at Harvard Graduate School of Design

From 2019 Chair of Planning and Design at the Department of Architecture at KIT Karlsruhe