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The Project


Thessaloniki is the second largest city in the country, with a population of over 1.1 million in its metropolitan area and constitutes the administrative, cultural and business center of northern Greece. The city spreads along the Thermaic Gulf, to the north of the Aegean Sea and is also one of the most important trade and business hubs in the Balkans, due to its extensive port. Thessaloniki also attracts a substantial number of tourists from nearby countries, thanks to its rich history and its cosmopolitan character.


More About Thessaloniki

The Organizer

TIF-HELEXPO S.A. is the national exhibition and conference organizer of Greece and the owner of the two most important exhibition and conference centers in the country, one in Thessaloniki and the other in Athens. Annually, more than fifteen (15) international trade fairs in Greece are organised by TIF-HELEXPO S.A.. The Organizer also hosts at its venues an important number of other trade fairs organized by third parties.

The Competition Site



TIF-­‐HELEXPO Fairgrounds are situated in the heart of Thessaloniki and are located within the central and the south-eastern part of the city occupying an area of approximately 175.000 sqm. The Fairgrounds are surrounded by numerous important building complexes and locations and they directly affect the function of the urban center of the city, as well as the life quality of its residents, due to their central position.

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The Master Plan

The Master Plan for Thessaloniki ConfEx Park defines specific zoning guidelines which incorporate: land use GA (General Arrangement) plan, specific plan for building lines (maximum coverage), maximum heights and maximum total floor area, circulation network design and the connection of the open spaces to the adjacent areas as well as with the main axes of the City.

The Master Plan aim is to restore the urban space cohesion between the Site and the central area adjacent to its western boundaries, as well as to strengthen the role of the open spaces within the Site, suitably interconnected with those of the surroundings. 

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Project Challenges and Major Goals

The project goal is the cost-effective design of a ConfEx Centre to the highest standards that will optimize the connection between buildings layout and associated activities within the site. The project also aims to further enhance the local, regional and international role of TIF-HELEXPO S.A. and create a new iconic landmark for the city that will also act as a milestone for the business history of the broader region, respecting the environment and the principles of sustainable development.

An iconic landmark of Thessaloniki

A highly functional international exhibition hub

A cohesive scheme design that connects the new exhibition center with key spaces and landmarks of the city

A significant contribution to the improvement of Thessaloniki’s urban environment

A complex of high quality in terms of architecture and urban design

A connection of the city’s past with its future

The use of sustainable design strategies- reducing possible environmental impacts

The creation of an active public space, which will break down physical and conceptual barriers